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Who We Are

Aloft Technologies dba Clarity Aloft®, launched in 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and continues to emphasize excellence of design, engineering and production from expertise and talent available in the United States.

A passion for aviation, a background in engineering, and the science of sound drove our unique developments in lightweight headset design. This amalgamation of interests gives Clarity Aloft its foundation for innovation and product design. Pride in excellence continues to pervade every endeavor in our business.

Media Center

Images, logos, press releases, and other information are available from the Clarity Aloft® Media Center:

Press Releases

Supplemental Information

  • Owner's Guide – Stereo Headset
    pdf file
  • Owner's Guide - Clarity Aloft Link
    pdf file


Headset Images

Accessory Images

  • Clarity Aloft Standard Carrying Case – all models, except Flex
    png file
  • Clarity Aloft Flex Carrying Case – Flex only
    png file
  • Clarity Aloft Adjusting Band
    png file
  • Clarity Aloft Adjusting Band, in use
    png file
  • Clarity Aloft Lapel Clip
    png file
  • Clarity Aloft Microphone Cover
    png file
  • Comply® Canal Tips – Small
    png file
  • Comply® Canal Tips – Medium
    png file
  • Comply® Canal Tips – Large png file

General Press Contact

Meg Waterman


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