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Aloft Technologies® set out to change the flying experience by changing the thing closest to the pilot, the headset.

Aloft Technologies dba Clarity Aloft®, launched in 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and continues to emphasize excellence of design, engineering and production from expertise and talent available in the United States.

A passion for aviation, a background in engineering, and the science of sound drove our unique developments in lightweight headset design. This amalgamation of interests gives Clarity Aloft its foundation for innovation and product design. Pride in excellence continues to pervade every endeavor in our business.

Form follows feeling

Careful thought goes into how each element of the headset works and how they come together as a cohesive whole that will perform well for any pilot, regardless of what or how they fly. Our informing principles are effortless performance, distinctive elegance, and thoughtful simplicity.

We are proud to showcase how such a small package can bring about such impressive results. Visit with us at an aviation industry event and experience sound differently.



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