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Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing Protection

Are these headsets noise canceling?

Yes. Clarity Aloft headsets provide robust noise dampening across the full frequency spectrum. From low pitch sounds to high pitch sounds, you will receive between 30 to 47 decibels (dBA) of noise attenuation, providing hearing protection in high noise environments, no matter what aircraft you fly.

Do these headsets use Active Noise Canceling?

No. They do not need to provide ANR because the noise blocking characteristics of the advanced foam ear canal tips take the unwanted and potentially harmful ambient noise of the aircraft down to a safe listening level.

My aircraft is very noisy. How can a non-earmuff type of headset protect my hearing?

Because speech sounds are heard between 400 Hertz and 6,000 Hertz, those are the pitch areas where you most need to protect your hearing for communication purposes. Clarity Aloft headsets provide 35-45 decibels (dBA) of noise reduction in that area. This is better protection than found in most ANR headsets.

I get tired from the low engine rumble. How much does this headset help with that?

You will find 29-30 dBA of noise attenuation in the low frequencies, comparable to the best ANR headsets.

Do you have data from a reliable source concerning noise attenuation?

Yes, the EarCAL Laboratories tested the use of the foam tips in real ear conditions.

Noise Attenuation Chart