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Clarity Aloft®
Aviation Headsets

Focus on your flight

Benefits Beyond the Cockpit

Aloft Technologies set out to change the flying experience by changing the thing closest to the pilot, the headset.

Sound Clarity

Speak and listen with ease. Crisp, clear microphones and audiophiles’ dream speakers make our headsets renowned for communication.


Flying is all about freedom. Design and tech innovations will make you forget that you’re even wearing a headset.

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing for all that lies ahead. Put a true physical block between harmful noise and your ability to hear.

Focus on your Flight

Headset Feature Matrix

Clarity Aloft® Features: Classic Link Pro Plus Flex
Dual Balanced Armature Speakers
29-47 dB Noise Reduction
Head Weight Under 2oz
Dual Electret Microphone
Left or Right Side Mic      
Music Input
Bluetooth Music & Phone Use      
Auto-mute Music      
No Batteries Required  
TSO Certification from FAA    
Adjustable Headband      
Fold-Flat Storage      
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Comply® Canal Tips - Small

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Comply® Canal Tips - Medium

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